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I have just finished up a year at Stanford. The most amazing part of it was that I met more people than I can count that are doing things that push the frontier of legal practice. They made made me think about the law in a different way. Codex, the beating heart of the legal tech world, has thick veins of innovation running out of it in every direction and in each one of these veins are swimming incredible humans with brilliant ideas. These people inspired me to dive into one of those veins myself, and pursue Radvocate. It is a consumer legal tech business trying to make consumers as powerful as they are assumed to be under the law. 

I am starting a blog to capture these people, their ideas, their insights, and their incredible intellect, so that I can amplify them for the world. I will also be sharing what I am learning along the way of building my own business.

I hope that these inspirational people light the way for readers to pursue their brilliant ideas and that the practical advice I am able to share gives you a tool box to pave your own path. 

Happy reading! 

Legal Entrepreneurship - A Definition

Legal Entrepreneurship - A Definition